Must have!

First off I will start off by saying this ball is a beauty, talk about shelf appeal!!!
I'm new to the staff so not able to compare it to a whole lot but from what I hear from fellow staffers there is not much that compares to it. Unfortunately I haven't been able to throw it a whole lot cause of our house shots, but when I have been able to OMG! It's one of the strongest asymmetrical pearls that I have ever thrown. Seems cleaner through the fronts and stronger in the friction than my Alpha Jackal. The few times I have been able to bring it out is when my jackal hooks too early or burns up on me and I lose carry. I would then move right (I'm a lefty) and wheel it.
If you are a speed dominate player and have issues throwing pearl balls through your break point this is a must for you.

Joel Ray
Brian Himmlers Pro Shop
Cincinnati, Ohio
Motiv Staffer
I would recommend this to a friend