The Jackal Flash is a new pearl asymmetrical ball from Motiv featuring the Predator V2 core and the Infusion HV pearl reactive cover. I drilled my Flash pin up with the mass next to my thumb. I have already found success with this ball out of the box with 299-770 in league. For me being 58 and not really ever playing the middle part of the lane much, this ball is so clean through the fronts and I can stay pretty much between 2-3rd arrow area after my Alpha Jackal starts to check up too early. I believe this will also be a great tournament ball for later in blocks as the lanes transition. The Alpha Jackal and Jackal Flash are an amazing 1-2 punch to have in the bag.

With the Flash being the first 3-color Motiv ball, I can’t wait to see what the future holds with the next ball releases.

Carl Breaman
Motiv Staff
PBA Regional Champion