Description: The Fatal Venom is the 8th installment in the Venom series and again placed in the lower mid-price range. The Fatal Venom brings back the original Venom Shock Gear Core, not the Top Gear Core used in the Venom Shock Pearl, so you are getting a different core and different cover with this new Venom addition. Fatal Venom uses a new version of the Infusion Pearl Reactive Coverstock, similarly used on the VIP.

Reaction: The original Venom Shock is my all-time favorite ball, period. I am going to say after having this a month, this is the 2nd best Venom created. It is truly a pearl version of a Venom Shock. I wouldnít say this is generally a ball I will start with on the fresh, but I think there might be occasions where it does happen. At the price point that the Venom line is offered at, you are always getting more than you pay for in my opinion. I definitely see it as one of MOTIVs most angular pieces, but also isnít too clean where you feel itís sometimes allergic to the oil. I feel in my game, it has the potential to be used in any progression, moving deeper after I get out of my ball initially used on fresh. Yes that means this ball will be used a lot for me. If you use the Venom Shock a lot, the cliche saying of a good 1-2 punch in the bag definitely applies here. The Fatal Venom is the most reliable pearl bowling ball I may have ever had.

Comparisons: Well obviously we need to compare this to the original Venom Shock, not for the purpose of showcasing if itís better, but the asset of being able to really have a great pearl version of a Venom Shock. The Fatal Venom in my opinion is significantly cleaner and quicker down lane than the Venom Shock Pearl. I also think the Fatal Venom is a little stronger than a Venom Shock Pearl. On the right lane conditions you may even feel the Fatal Venom is just as strong as an original Venom Shock, but there is no lying, the Venom Shock still reigns when more oil is present! There have been numerous times already where I start with the Venom Shock on fresh and am able to go to the Fatal Venom to finish a set. When the Venom Shock is reading too soon or too slow, the Fatal Venom makes for a very easy transition.

Summary: The Venom Shock always makes the bag no matter what. Honestly there are a lot of days I have two, but the Fatal Venom is going to make the bag no matter what as well. Itís simple, if you like the Venom Shock but sometimes itís too early or too smooth the Fatal Venom will fill that void and give you length and more response down lane.

Mike Magolan
MOTIV | Turbo