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Thread: New Bowler - Officer Error

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    Default New Bowler - Officer Error

    Yesterday, we had a bowler walk in and want to join our league. There was one vacancy open and the GM wanted us to fill the spot. As secretary, I was working with a new team that joined as well as getting the single into the vacant spot. Trying to locate entering averages, distribute rules, calculating what they needed to pay, obtaining USBC cards...all that stuff.

    In my distraction, I failed to realize that this bowler has bowled the first few weeks of the league with another team and has quit due to an injury. Realizing that, I attempted to find the ruling on it, but on my phone was having a difficult time reading the rules. I now know that for the bowler to change teams, it must be approved by 2/3 of the BOD. By the time I had this figured out, many of our teams had finished and left the lanes.

    I plan on having a BOD prior to bowling next Friday to address this. But my real question is, should yesterday's scores and win/loss stand? Or?
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    As long as they vote to allow the player to change teams, the wins/losses would count. If they vote no, the team with that player might have to forfeit the that night for fielding an illegal lineup?

    As long as it wasn’t some major sandbagging ringer, and your league has reasonable people in it, it makes probably makes sense to approve the team change and just count the games, as there was no ill intent with the team change


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