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    Default Pba clash

    I finally got around to watching the PBA Clash from last weekend, and I have a couple questions.

    1. Do you like the clash format?

    2. How did they pick the bowler who represented each team?

    Personally I donít really like the format, but itís bowling, (sort of anyway), and some of my favorite pros were on.

    Some of the choices were obvious. I mean if you have Belmo on your team youíre not going to put Stu Williams in the clash. On the other hand, while I love to see Norm, PDW, & Walter Ray on TV, and I was glad to see Norm come so close to winning it, does it make sense to put your oldest bowler in a competition that depends so much on being able to strike?
    Iíd love to hear what everyone else thinks.

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    I'm on the fence about the format, but that would be what a "clash" would be.

    They took the bowler with the most PBA titles from each team.

    Not sure how they should have picked - so I guess that was the best way. Perhaps it should be a clash of the Rookies instead of most of the veteran bowlers. Mix it up. I think picking the one with the most titles gave them some marketing as they promoted the combined two hundred forty-something tour titles.
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    I don't mind the format. It is different and moves pretty quickly. The "stress" of basically needing to strike keeps the pressure on the bowlers.

    I also have no issue with who was chosen to represent each team. Older, younger, it doesn't matter. PDW, Duke, and WRW are just as good as anyone else in the field. WRW recently bowled a 300 game 2-handed, so it isn't like he is on the verge of retirement or something. I have an issue with PDW and his "bad boy" shtick. That has become old hat and just needs to stop. It isn't good for the PBA anymore, and it is really not good for PDW himself. I think he would could re-emerge as a leader on the tour if he would just calm down and focus on bowling and cut out the silly theatrics.

    The biggest issue I had with the event, was the PBA using a high-scoring shot. You take the best bowlers in the world, and then put them on an easy-for-them shot. For something like this, they should have used a more challenging condition and really put them to the test. The easy shot gives them a longer show, but a more challenging shot would have been more interesting. You have to admit, some of the bowlers really got away with some of their strikes...just like us normal folks on league night (except we are not bowling for $50K)


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