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Thread: Schedule Changes in League

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    Default Schedule Changes in League

    I understand a change in the rules requires a 100% vote of the BOD. Curious if some teams are not represented at the meeting, can you still vote and the represented teams vote at 100%?

    The issue is since we are mostly an older group of bowlers, a lot of members are out due to Covid, Flu, or just scared. There is talk of us suspending the league for a few weeks and adding those to the end of the season. Of course, this would have to be approved by the house.

    If we vote on Friday morning before the start of bowling, could we suspend Friday as well? Or would we need to bowl Friday, and then suspend for a few weeks? Is it fair for us to go ahead and bowl on Friday with those that bother to show up? It is position round, so there could be a few forfeits, if we bowl.

    Ideas, suggestions?
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    Yes, you can vote to suspend effective Friday if you want and the house also agrees. A captain, or designated rep, from every team needs to vote. Can you get a full vote via email or by calling the team captains and getting an answer? Is suspending league for a few weeks really going to make people feel better? It isn't like everything is going to magically get better in a few weeks...

    With Friday being position round, there really isn't much else you can do. You can't really permit post-bowling for a position round (post bowling was the solution here recently for bowlers that were nervous during the increase in cases.)


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