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    Quote Originally Posted by Phonetek View Post
    Everyone at my center seems to be complying thus far, employees and customers alike. I haven't had any real issues. The only thing I've seen was people putting the house balls back on the rack they got them from instead of the ones we have marked for cleaning. Mainly out of force of habit.

    I'm sure down the road we'll see people ignoring the rules out of "Covid fatigue" or "Hey I got vaccinated so I don't have to do that anymore" Trust me, it's coming.
    We’re just so much lazier here in CT. The people using house balls are told to leave them on the ball return when they’re done bowing and they seem happy to do that. Of course to get a house ball to use they had to ask at the counter and a staff member got one for them from what used to be the meeting room.

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    Yeah some leave them down there too but not often. I guess being a small house like we are had its advantages.

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