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Thread: Didn't do too bad on our senior league this afternoon......

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    Default Didn't do too bad on our senior league this afternoon......

    My games were 170, 200 and 189. I bowl once a week and don't practice. The reason I don't practice is because of bad knees from osteoarthritis. I don't want to push my luck with them with practices. I have been bowling for 37 years. The balls I now use are my Columbia yellow dot and my urethane Blue Hammer. The yellow dot is called a bleeder ball because of some kind of reaction it had with the mixture. I bought it in September of 1978. I do sand the surface on both balls usually with 400 grit. They work great for their age. I was finally stringing strikes in all three games. I just turned 74 last month. I can't believe how fast I got to this point in my life. I used to think that 74 years was a long time. It isn't. So I will bowl as long as my body holds out. I like it too much to give it up. Good luck on your bowling folks.
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    Nice set. Alot of people would be happy with that, including me
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