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Thread: USBC Dues?

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    Default USBC Dues?

    As we get back to bowling (we get back on April 5 - WOO! ) nobody seems to know whether we will have to re-up our USBC membership for our sanctioned league.

    We had paid our yearly membership just prior to closing down and we've been down for more than a year . . . so do we have to pay for a year in which we did nothing? We got nothing from USBC; nothing really from (not that I go there to get anything); nothing . . .

    So - does anyone know anything?

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    As far as dues go, they will still need to be renewed for the 2021-2022 season in August. There has been no mention that I could find of any sort of grace period or free extension. did provide some free content, such as free live streaming of PWBA qualifying events. The USBC was also operating during the pandemic to provide some rules modifications and resource materials for leagues to assist as centers reopened.

    Not all centers in all states were totally shut down. We have had sanctioned leagues and tournaments here for the past 8 months. It wouldn't necessarily be equitable for the USBC to tell some bowlers that their membership is being extended, while everyone else has to pay because they were still bowling. Besides, the sanction fee amounts to $0.35/week. Hardly worth getting upset about.

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    Dues go from August to August. A league shorter than 16 sessions can be a lower fee if the league elects.

    Bowlers competing in short-season leagues now can purchase a USBC Adult Basic membership.

    "Available for bowlers who compete in leagues that have 16 or fewer sessions, the membership costs $10, not including state dues, and provides a USBC-certified average so bowlers can compete in local, state and national tournaments.

    In addition to the league having 16 or fewer sessions, the league must designate as a short-season league; the league's prize fund will be bonded. Each USBC Adult Basic membership will be good only for that league, which means if a bowler wants to participate in another short-season league, they would have to purchase another USBC Adult Basic membership or upgrade to a USBC Adult Standard membership."

    We have always had to certify with these dates, and thus there will be no changes as it was not consistent throughout the year. As I told my members, it's no different than if you started league and then got injured and couldn't bowl.
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