The Supermoon was produced for the Korean market only. We are releasing 250 to the US market and this will be it. once these are gone they are gone for good.

A new moon is upon us....Introducing the new Pyramid Supermoon.

Coming on the heals of one of Pyramid's best selling High Performance balls of all time, the Blood Moon Rising. The Supermoon offers a smoother overall ball motion while still cutting through medium- heavy oil conditions with ease.

Pyramid has taken the SG 19.5 Asymmetric core and combined it with the GPS Navigational ATK coverstock to offer a new look in this performance category. This is a version of one of the most popular coverstocks in the Pyramid line, the GPS Navigational ATX. The Supermoon with its 2000 grit Abralon and Factory Finish polished solid reactive cover will offer a more controllable ball motion compared to the Blood Moon Rising with a strong overall reaction.

This core/coverstock combination is sure to be a great compliment to many of the stronger, more angular options in the line and will quickly become a benchmark ball in your arsenal.

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