Still too early to write a full ball review, but early on this ball looks amazing.

I bought it to replace my Fortera Exile as my skid/flip ball. The Fortera Exile was the replacement for my Scandal Pearl.

The Force Pearl, early on, looks like it has even more down lane action than the Fortera Exile did...and thats saying something!

First time I took it out in practice (when I was actually keeping score), I ended that game with a 5-bagger.

First time I took it out in league play; 9 /, X 9 -. Mainly because it reacted stronger than I expected.
Second time I took it out in league play; X, 9 /, X, X X 7. And that "7" was all "bad shot" and not "bad ball". The 9 /...was, once again, the result of the ball being too strong and actually going Brooklyn and leaving a 5-pin.

And, thus far, it hasn't just passed the "stats test"...its also passed the "eye test". When I take this ball out...people notice. There's no other solid grey ball out there so other bowlers take notice. And when they see how much motion I get with this ball...let's just say I've never had so many bowler's ask me what ball I'm throwing as I have with this ball...and I've only thrown it in 6 frames!!

I'll try to write a better review when I get some more league games under my belt and get a better idea of what I need to do with the surface and how I need to adjust laterally when I switch to this ball. Thus far I have just been throwing it with the OOB surface and haven't adjusted laterally when switching to this ball. But, if it continues to be as strong as it has been, I am going to have to make some adjustments.