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Thread: My games today climbed upward on league day......

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    Default My games today climbed upward on league day......

    I shot a 147(ouch), 177 and then a 223. In the last game I had 4 strikes in a row and then another strike 2 frames later. The rest were spares. I guess no one can call me Mr. Consistency. I have a 166 average.The reason for that is that I don't practice anymore because of knee issues. I want to be gentle with them so I can bowl as long as possible. I have been bowling for 37 years so I just work with my bowling knowledge on how to make adjustments and changing the ball surface to make it work better. Plus I know how to adjust for picking up spares. I might not make all of them but I usually make more then I miss. Sometimes you end up leaving pins that there is no way you will pick all of them up. Let's face it, you get a pocket 7/10 leave you are only going to make one of those pins. So our team took all three games and series today. Oh yeah, I used three different balls in each game for my first ball shot. The 223 was my highest game so far this season. The 547 series I got today was my highest scratch series so far. The Monday before this one I had a 533 scratch series. There was a time when I used to get scratch series that were 600 and higher but at that time me and my partner practiced two times a week because both of us were retired. My highest scratch series in my career was a 710. I never got above that. I never hit a 300 game either. My highest game was a 276. In that game I had 6 strikes in a row. In the 7th frame when I went to throw the ball the ball just fell off of my hand. I got 7 pins down and then picked up the 3 I left. From the 8th frame on I got all strikes. I had another game were I had 9 strikes in a row and the spared out in the tenth. It really doesn't bother me that I never had a 300 game. I still love the game and that is why at 74 years young I am still doing it. Maybe I can make a few more years going forward.
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