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Thread: Thoughts on switch grips?

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    Default Thoughts on switch grips?

    Hey, so for the past few months now I've been struggling with proper ball fit. It originally started with me getting a blister almost every time I'd go to bowl, only to find out my thumb seemed to have grown and all the holes were smaller than they should've been. I got them opened up, but since then it still never fit great. Everything felt way too large. Put tons of tape in everything, but still nothing seemed to work.

    I've been considering switch grips possibly, but I'm just not sure since I have 4 balls and I've never tried them before.

    What are your guys' experiences with them? Do you think you'd recommend them for my case?


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    I held out for a while but finally got them in all my balls. LOVE them.

    I have three thumbs (my thumb swells, had to get a small one when I lost a ton of weight for surgery, etc.) - they're not expensive so. . . that's quite nice.

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    Same here. Never tried them until last summer. Bowled a tournament with 11 games and my thumb was swelled and I had trouble getting out of the ball. Now I have 2 different size inserts and if need be I swap them. Plan to go with switch grips in all of my future balls
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    I guess that sums it up. I'll have to get my hands on some if this continues being a problem.


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