ANNDDD...we're back to the drawing board.

I opened my bag last night, at the bowling center, and my Aura Mystic had cracked. I don't leave my stuff in the car and I always clean it and maintain the surface. But, this ball spent some time on the "retirement rack" and I think the time on the rack caused it to start putting pressure on the shell...and eventually it was just time. The ball only had 86 games on it...but I think Pinpal doesn't count games where you switch to the ball for only a partial game or something...because I bet it had at least double that number. It was my primary ball two summers ago, and my primary ball in one league last fall. It was also my secondary ball in one league last fall. I didn't use it over the summer because I was trying out a new arsenal; but "un-retired" it at the start of fall season.

That leaves me a dilemma. I now need a new Ball #1...or I need to use the Optimus Solid as my Ball #1 and re-create the rest of my arsenal.

I really didn't want to unretire the Grudge Hybrid, but I think thats the best play right now. I WILL have to dummy down the surface considerably to make sure it doesn't burn up...which is why I stopped using it at most low-oil THS houses back when I was bowling last fall. I think a 500/1000/2000 with resin polish is probably what I'll try first. It's a dangerous gamble. On the one hand, previous attempts to "dummy down" aggressive balls hasn't been very successful. AND, using resin polish tends to dummy balls down "too much"...but if this doesn't work I am going to have to go with a much weaker line-up.

The next option (if this doesn't work) is to go back to using the Optimus Solid...with a "dummied down" surface as my primary ball. And then use the Special Ops and Rhino Gold as ball down options...and go back to using the Force Pearl as my skid/flip ball...and re-retire the Fortera Exile. This is a drastic lowering of arsenal power using the Special Ops and Rhino Gold...but it might allow me to deal with the drier lane conditions better.

As for an option 3? Well, I guess go back to the Optimus/Yeah Baby Sinful/Special Ops/Force Pearl line-up for the remainder of the season and just deal with it. I'm not investing in a new arsenal until (at the earliest) the end of fall season.