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Thread: Throwing Different Weights

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    Default Throwing Different Weights

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to see who out there keeps balls of different weights in your bag for league.

    For example, I throw primarily 15lbs but recently got a 14lb ball to practice with (recovering from a hand tendon strain). I'm thinking about keeping it in the bag for the upcoming fall season.

    Does the weight difference bother you?

    Do you notice a difference in ball reaction (i.e. more deflection with the lighter ball)?

    Does it throw off your timing, especially if you have a 15 lb spare ball but are using the 14 lb strike ball? I find it a little different when shooting spares.

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    About the only thing that coaches and PSO's agree on is that using balls of different weights is a really bad idea. It throws off your timing.

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    I'll start off by saying, "If I didn't have bad timing, I'd have no timing at all."
    I moved up to 16 lb. balls when I was a teenager many years ago. Several years ago it seemed that balls on the shelves at various pro shops were all 15 lb. balls. Eventually I tried one and found it felt good. I had good luck with the first one I bought and began a transition to 15 lb. balls in my bag. Used a 16 lb. Brunswick Black Beauty as my spare ball and eventually got a 15 lb. plastic ball for spares. Later on I tried the Storm Mix for spare shooting and got the 16 lb. version first and later got a 15 lb. one. When Storm came out with a nice shiny black Mix ball I bought a 14 lb. version and have used pretty much each time for league. I figured that I might get the speed of the little lighter ball up a bit so as to keep it skidding straight down the lane. The weight difference doesn't seem to bother me at all. Can't see any more deflection from other weights. Your mileage may vary. I'll stick with the lighter spare ball and keep hitting those darn 10-pins.

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    Sometimes I'll throw a few practice frames with my 16 to warm up. Kind of the same principal as a batter in baseball putting the weight donut on the bat while on the on deck circle. With my rickety body, getting warmed up definitely takes a few frames.

    That said, that 16# ball is one of my all time favorites. Now and again I'll just use it instead of my 15's with the exception of my spare ball. I can most definitely 100% feel the difference. Yeah it probably throws off my timing on spares but since they are usually fairly straight and hard I don't sweat it much since my timing is different on them anyway.

    I would never start with a 15 say for the first game then go to 16 for the second and switch back and forth. I either commit to the 16 after warm up or put it away. As I recently found out, my timing is screwed up enough as it. I don't need to add more injury to injury.

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    I think some people have a natural timing - a few. Look at Barnes, and others being able to change from 5 steps to 4 steps to 3 steps. My friend must be close to having that ability to adjust as she throws 15#s, but could easily throw my 14#s when I had them and can now even throw my 12#s and still have good timing. But, myself, would never try it and wouldn't recommend it for most of us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobLV1 View Post
    About the only thing that coaches and PSO's agree on is that using balls of different weights is a really bad idea. It throws off your timing.
    This is the general consensus out there, as Rob stated. When I first started I had 15 and 16 pound balls and was quickly told to pick one and stick with it. Now, I've moved from weight to another...but it's always an entire arsenal at a time....never a "mix and match" situation.

    The only time I hear of people mixing weights now is on spare balls. I've heard of people throwing lighter spare balls...I guess so they can throw them harder. I don't really "get that"...I'd actually rather throw a heavier spare ball more accurately that will be less likely to move/hook. But, I HAVE heard of people throwing a different weight spare ball.
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