A few weeks back when I loaded up the rental bowling shoes, after caring them down I kinda felt a twinge in my shoulder. Thought nothing of it. It was bugging me a bit but nothing that I needed to take anything for.

A couple weeks later I had to bring in all those cases of new bowling pins. It flared up a bit from that but I figured again that given what I had done I wasn't shocked.

Now it's a couple weeks later and man o man, when I lay in bed it's freaking awful! I'm popping Advil and putting anti inflammation cream on and it does squat. It only hurts now and again during the day but it's very miserable at night.

I was able to bowl with my son a few games last week okay but this seems to be very familiar to what happened last time. I have an appointment with my Ortho but it's a few weeks out, he's booked solid. It's the same shoulder as last time but in a different spot and it shoots down the opposite part of my arm as last time.

Kinda ironic that I injured myself about a few weeks before I left that place last time to go work at a different center. Deja Vu. Hopefully this isn't going to require yet another surgery. Maybe just a cortisone shot will work this time? I'm getting too old to keep getting injured and starting over.