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Thread: What do those scoring systems cost?

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    Default What do those scoring systems cost?

    Suppose a 20 lane center decided to install a brand new Qubica scoring and POS system, with the latest features. Assuming itís their first system, going from paper scoresheets, what is the approximate cost? Just curious what something like that costs.

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    There was an article online about a 50 lane center that went all automatic scoring at a price of $300,000 and that was back in 1990. That was roughly $12,000 per pair in 1990 money.

    Several years ago, our 48 lane center upgraded their old AMF AccuScore to Qubica, and we heard that the cost of the upgrade approached $200,000 and that was with used Qubica compatible consoles.

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    It really depends on the frills you get. Keep in mind it's more than just scoring. It controls the pin setters, speed cameras, foul lights in addition to the POS system, online reservations, on sight reservations, all items in inventory sold, pricing, leagues, tournaments. It's tied into BLS for league secretary and so on.

    The scoring system is much more than just a scoring system. It is the completely backbone for all the operations for the entire center. Including not only bowling but restaurant, bar and pro shop as well. I personally cannot share specific costs, all I am able to share is that it is mega freaking expensive. A center that has paper for scoring at this point would be better off staying with it.


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