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    Default USBC Open Nats

    Went to Vegas to bowl the USBC Open Championships Wed and Thursday. Had a great time - well, bowling was mixed, but I enjoyed the experience as always.

    First - I go in with a 27 game tournament average of 161. I've NEVER gotten a handle on how to bowl there - I know it's speed, I KNOW it's precision, I know it's nerves. I KNOW I KNOW! LOL

    Second - we got the 9:30pm squad for both nights. Granted, better than 9:30pm followed by the 7:00AM squad but still, bowling until midnight-30 and getting back up to the room, hungry, at 1:00/1:30 and everything but the cafe's closed and the cafe has a line a mile long. . . just messed up our sleep rhythms completely.

    OK - Wednesday, left Riverside around 6:00, had breakfast up the hill and then on to Vegas. Got there around 10:30 and we were able to check in, which was awesome! TY Southpoint! Got a nap before practice at noon.

    Bowling team - ugh. OK, realizing that I should have hit 483 for my tournament average but still, 470 BITES. Low man on the team. I HATE that - felt like I failed everyone. I was so wound up that I could NOT get consistent speed and just floundered around.

    Bowling doubles - slept in on Thursday, got some good blueberry pancakes at the cafe (yumm) and felt better. First game started to flounder again but I calmed down. Instead of running around with all balls, I stuck to the Zen Master as it seemed to have a good strong reaction. 130.
    Second game - I found a line that worked and grabbed hold with both hands. Missed a 10 (need to get my White Dot adjusted) but was clean otherwise. 219. Felt GOOD and felt like I was actually contributing.
    Third game - not bad except that I missed two 5-pins. I was tired and made the wrong adjustment. Typically I move LEFT a board or two just to give me extra room, right? Well I moved two boards RIGHT and went by the front of the pin. Sigh. Dumbarse! 181 - still good though.

    Bowling singles - I HAD my line. I knew that I had to do a few things - I had to keep my right foot cocked to open my hips; I had to keep my first step slow (which kept me paced) and my ball LOW so my speed would stay slow; and I had to follow through ("scratch my head, scratch my head") . . .

    First singles game - front four, left 3-6-10 and chopped it, four more, left the 4-10 and picked it up (WOOT!!!) for 242. High game of our two-team group.
    Second game - 6-10 first frame, picked it up, then 6. Left the 4-7-10 and whiffed, picked up a 2 pin and finished with 237. 479 at the turn.
    Third game - I'm burning my line but making small adjustments to stay in that region. Missed a 10-pin and a big-4 (my fault) but 166 leaves me with 645 which is . . . AWESOME! I'm presently 90 pins up on low-to-cash scores.

    I also got a shiny! Since I am Standard and got over 625 and/or 225, I got a challenge coin thingy:

    My line was stance at 30-32, cross 14-15 with moderate to low ball speed. It worked a treat.

    Thoughts on the pattern - I thought dbls-singles was wetter but that could be the lane, it could also be that I was on my own line by myself - the other three . . . well, two of them were outside of 5 rolling straight in, the third was also way outside my line so I was by myself.

    In both cases - if you miss outside, expect a washout; if you miss inside, expect a split. It is intolerant of mistakes. If you go outside of 10, expect to pick up the 6-9-10 and not much else.

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    That's an awesome adjustment. Good bowling. Nats is always about the "experience" it seems.
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