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Thread: Flooded lanes

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    Well, the lanes are hooking again, although they're still not consistent. The down-and-in crowd are happier, anyway, so I guess that's good? LOL

    The pattern is still really long - I tend to watch the knuckle-ballers and watch when their balls start rolling and then back that point up a bit. Not 100% but when I go off the same 2-3 people, it's at least a relative number. . . anyway, they were starting to roll around 45-50 feet. The lady I was estimating from (ESTIMATING) throws her ball fairly slowly and with almost no rotation on it - literally it just slides. Easy to see with the color pattern.

    I figured out that finessing it just isn't working. Give it the beans, as it were. This worked fine for the first two games. First two frames, tried to finesse and left two 3-6-10 (my nemesis - chopped one, left the 3 on the other) so went beans on it and finished with 233. Second game - left some corner pins and a 7-10 in the 10th for 200 even. Then my wrist really hurt so had to try to finesse it (I'm NOT the picture of finesse. . . LOL) and just couldn't get a handle on it. 155

    Oh well. It IS interesting to play and I'm starting to figure things out better. We'll see - I don't think they have the new machine up and running yet so we're still dealing with the old one.

    Fun times

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    Bowled in a tournament where the lanes were flooded and everyone was struggling. After the first set, I was pretty upset at myself for not bowling better than a 480 series. One of the other bowlers was saying that everyone was struggling and just blow it off. I looked at him and said, I can bowl 190's all day long with just a plastic ball on any condition.

    He started harassing me about that statement so the next set I decided to prove a point. Picked up the plastic ball and ended up shooting 237-208-229. We got 2nd place in doubles. Would have been 1st if my partner would have been only 100 pins under his average. He was 170 under.

    The following sets, most of the guys were throwing plastic or urethane. Zero hook, just straight to the pocket. Some were even throwing it deliberately brooklyn to get more pin action. Most scores went up, some went down, but the ones on top were averaging over 200.

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