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Thread: Bowling Center Admits Mistake and Takes It Back

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    Default Bowling Center Admits Mistake and Takes It Back

    Details at 10! LOL

    Last week we had a blast (not) with what felt like an inverse block pattern. Friction inside, slide outside - from about 10 out. It was a light night - only one league bowled, it being Jan 2 and all. The "big" league wasn't there, just us "little" people. LOL EVERYONE complained. ONE person had a 600 series. Our top avg player had 145, 150, 190. I shot 125, 189, 170. Had to shoot 8 at laydown, 10 at arrows with up the back. But it was TIIIIGHT. Try and swing it at all and, unless you had a ball that was polished like mirror polished, and tons of ball speed to overpower the lane, it was crossover after crossover.

    Well, the center told us that, oops, we're sorry. We tried a different program on the machine and it was SUPPOSED to be 5 to 5 heavier oil. Evidently they INVERTED the pattern but it was about 5 to 5 inverted. LOL

    And back to normal this current Monday's league. They said they looked at scores and saw a universal drop (go figure) so . . . back to 10 to 10 - still a bit light but completely do-able. I shot 6 and our big guys were back up where they typically bowl.

    Thanks Arlington!

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    Had an issue here recently at a Bowlero. Lights came on for 10 minute warmup before league. People threw their balls and all were hooking into the gutter at 15-20ft. Went to the control desk, and the manager confessed that the lanes had been stripped but they "forgot" to re-oil. Everyone had to stop and wait 45 minutes for the lanes to be treated.

    Have also noticed way higher volumes of oil being used for 5 man team leagues than doubles or trios leagues. Not sure that results in a huge money savings for the center, but whatever works for them I guess.


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