I got a rebuild of my arsenal about a year ago (before USBC Nats) and my wrist has been having HUGE issues since then. My PSO shortened my span trying to get me to stop hitting up so hard on my fingertips and roll it more. But something wasn't right - it was falling off my hand WAAY too much and my wrist was hurting a ton.

We lengthened my span a touch and the ball didn't fall off, but my wrist was still killing me and I had lost a ton of rotation. My average dropped from 200ish to 180-190. NOT happy.

OK, let's drive to someone that we KNOW is one of the best PSO's in SoCal. Joe from Upland Bowl (now just another Bowlero) took a look and expressed much displeasure. Fingers too small; span too long (still - even the "shorter" span) and the thumb had wrong pitch and was WAY too small - I didn't notice, but I couldn't get my thumb all the way in.

So I gave him my Zen Master and he's doing his thing. Gotta get back to him to see how he's doing.

I guess this illustrates how important it is to keep in contact with a GOOD pro shop.