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    If you have ever seen Wes Malott bowl on T.V., you may have noticed he looks directly down at the foul line as he releases the ball, which is quite unusual. I have always done the same thing for as long as I have been bowling, and never rely on hitting a mark. I get the ball to a zone or an area, and then make adjustments from there. Does anyone else do the same?
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    When I was really cranking the ball I looked at zone/area... now that I'm adjusting my game to be more of a stroker I'm paying ALOT more attention to markers

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    Wes focuses on the area he wants to finish at. If you notice, he looks down lane, draws a path and walks to where he wants to deliver the ball. He actually doesn't target close in....Watch his eyes on release....His game is classic, a lot like Earl Anthony, on the flip side, and of course he is a bit larger.
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