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Thread: New member from San Antonio! :)

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    Default New member from San Antonio! :)

    Hi everyone,

    Just decided to check out some other boards to see if some better bowling discussion can be had without oppressive personalities.

    About me...I'm 32 and have been bowling since I was 16. I've averaged over 200 since 1996 with one exception, a 199 average in 2003. The last 2 years have been my most successful, averaging 215 last season and currently at 224 this season. I have one 300 game (1999) and two 800 series (1999, 2008).

    I'm in the military and got a walk-on invite to the Air Force Championships this year. That was definitely a learning experience. I love to help other bowlers, even if they are on the opposing team that I am bowling against.

    I'm married and have a wonderful 5 year old son. I work in Education and Training.

    I hope to get to know some of you in the coming weeks!


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    Welcome to

    I am honored that you have gave us a try. I assure you we are a great bowling site with many features like:

    FREE Bowling Score Tracking and Analysis Software
    Bowling Reviews
    Chat room coming soon
    Go Broncos!

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    Is that San Antonio, or South America? Is there a difference, except for the addition of, perhaps, an "of?" Welcome aboard flight bowlingboards. And you're looking forward to getting to know some of us? Hmm, can you tell me which ones you're not looking forward to? We haven't met before have we?


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