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    Once again, Jim Royce comes through, and takes my office website to the next level. We are a certified public accounting firm, and need a secure server to interact with our clients to transfer files, documents, etc. Simple email of tax returns leaves our clients personal information such as social security numbers exposed. We told Jim what our goals were and what we want accomplished. He worked out a plan to solve our request. He placed it into action, and now we are up and running. Our site is at

    Another benefit of working with Jim is that he too is a bowler, so it's always fun to get side tracked and talk about bowling!

    If you have a business and are in need of a modern website, you need to call Jim. It's been a great experience!

    You can easily reach Jim at this website, click on "contact us" and he will get back to you pretty quickly.
    His website URL is: High Game: 300 High Series: 833 (266-267-300), High Average 231 Equipment: Storm Hy-Road, DV8 Brutal Nightmare, DV8 Diva, Columbia White Dot.

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    I was a regular habitue of the bowling site he used to have and that's where I started doing my reviews. He is a good guy.

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    I contacted him a few times for a flash quote, but I know hes busy I am sure
    Go Broncos!


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