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Thread: Buzzbomb, fear the explosion

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    Exclamation Buzzbomb, FEAR THE EXPLOSION!!!!

    curious onlookers have their mouths open with disbelief when they see this purple and black boulder
    driving down the lane and blasting the pins into shrapnel. Lane #1 bowling's buzzbomb does major damage to pins and instills confidence to the bowler. long house patterns, shark, viper, u.s. open patterns are all in a heap of trouble when this ball comes to the party. this ball is so strong, in out of the box condition, i had to polish the ball to keep it on the lane. wheather polished or dull, total destruction is at your fingertips, "get bombed" fear the explosion.
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    bowls: right handed, average: 208 and rising, style: tweener
    ball company: Lane #1
    rev rate: 385 rpm

    breakin' sucka's jaws with my saws

    Lane #1 baby.......on the grind


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