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Thread: IHOP Fun & Games

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    Default IHOP Fun & Games

    My mom, sister and I went to IHOP for dinner tonight.

    Young guy seats us, hands us our menus and say's our waiter will be right with us to take our order.

    We look over the menus and wait & wait & wait & wait no comes for our drink order or anything. wait a little more I decide to go up front to see what the hold up is.
    (It was by no means busy either)

    I went up front and saw the guy that seated us, he looked me and he asked if I was ready to PAY! I said I would like to at least order and eat something first.

    He said he'd get our waiter to come take our order, that he was new. He came back got our order.
    He brought our drinks and left. Now we all had salad's with our dinners, so we thought they would bring them out to us first. We waited, waited, waited... no salads.then he comes asks if we need anything.

    We tell him it's customary to bring out the customers salads first so they can start on them while waiting for the mains.
    He say's yes he always forgets the salads, so he goes back brings out our salads, then less than a minute later he says our orders are up.

    After that he did start checking back on us more.

    Also our salads just had lettuce, shredded onions & Carrots! I've been there before and the salads had more than that!

    I didn't tell a manager, because of all the times I've been there. I've only seen one there once at breakfast, never around the dinner seating.

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    We haven't been there for dinner in a long time. That's the place with the one legged waitresses. Louis Black says it's his health club. Wonder if they've actually got "chocolate doo-diddles" or "giggle drops."


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