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Thread: It's Not Really All The Ball !

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    Default It's Not Really All The Ball !

    Bowling four perfect games using 4 different balls is proof at least to me that the ball is really a small part of the ingredients for a perfect game.

    I have bowled so far my first four perfect games in 9 months!

    One thing I know for a fact I would never have been able to throw one without a really good ProShop like I have in Dynamite Bowling ProShop here in Port St Lucie. Jason the owner is by far the best driller I have ever used! He carefully matches the drilling to your desired outcome and knows how to get the most out of each ball drilling for the best results.

    Roto Grip is making some great balls that is true just watch how they and Storm have the most Pros on TV each Sunday. But like I said before a good bowler throwing a ball drilled wrong will never score as well and a poor ball drlled great in the same bowlers hand!

    Enjoy bowling Everyone and may God bless


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    The right ball can make a good bowler, a better bowler.
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    A better ball may help in the short run, but it really comes down to execution.
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    I agree 100%, The ball just helps the bowler show what he/she is capable of.

    I roll an El-Nino Wrath, that works great, but doesn't necessarily always carry the pins the way I'd like. My new Gravity Shift, runs the exact same line, but I get more pin action with it, therefore scoring higher.

    Like my buddy says..."wanna know how to score higher? ... Throw more strikes!" you can put your ball in the pocket every shot, but without the proper layout on your ball and lane won't strike as much as you'd like!
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