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    I have been bowling for 30 years . I have been bowling pretty good this year averaging 220 . but lately I have what I call bowling A.D.D. Looking up from my target before i let go of the ball . I have to be totally concentrating on this every shot or I'm done . Anyone else have this problem ?
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    Yep, I'm guilty of it, too. I know it's because my brain thinks I've finished the shot while the ball is really still in my hand. Like a receiver looking to make his move before the ball gets there.

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    i can definitely sympathize with you there, my problem is just the reverse: constantly keeping my eyes on the breakpoint zone & not too any area closer to me( i.e dots, arrows) It has hindered my name significantly. At times i don't even see myself release. It sounds goofy but, i have been practicing with a cap very low on my head, close to my eyes, that way i know that if i'm looking further down the lane I am lifting my head up thusly pulling on my shot.
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    i used to have that problem but now when i step ont the lane i look down at my feet and don't start looking up until i get to my 3rd or 4th step and at my slide my eys end up at my target at the 1st arrows, try that and see if it helps


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