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Thread: Losing it Mentally or not

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    Default Losing it Mentally or not

    So I am bowling in my first ever league and I am averaging a 159 in a very difficult alley. Our team has struggled the past 3 weeks losing almost every game, it seems we all do bad at the same time. It's not a good thing when you all struggle but you then know its not just you. I throw a total inferno but have recently switched to a Ebonite The One Pearl. The Ebonite is a monster and it's hard adjusting too but then I think I have always been inconsistent. I think this new ball will be great once I get my head in the game. My problem is staying focused and keeping a routine. One frame Ill pull the ball and the next one I may dump it in the gutter. I never really count my steps but I always start with the same foot and take 5 strides no matter how big they are. Do I need to step back to the basics and count each position? Advice woudbe great.

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    To be consistent you should be taking the same number and same size steps. With a 5 step approach, the ball does not move until the 2nd step. The first step is more of a timing step. The ball moves forward and down (push away) on step 2, step 3 is like walking past the ball, step 4 the ball is at the peak of the backswing, and step 5 is the slide and release.

    My suggestion is to monitor when you actually push away the ball. Too soon and your body is behind the ball, too late and the ball is behind you. Either will cause inconsistency in the release. I had a problem with late timing and my body being at the line with the ball still in the backswing. This causes you to pull the ball through and muscle the release.

    I hope some of this helps. Good Luck!
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    It's hard to know exactly what you're doing as you do it. Get someone to video you from as many angles as you can get and I think you'll find that you look very different on camera than you do in your mind. That might help you figure out what and how to change something.

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    Great help and suggestions.

    Great work!!!
    Go Broncos!


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