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    Default 12 Year Old Rolls 800

    12 Year Old Rolls 800

    March 10, 2009

    At the ripe old age of 12, Ron Zadrozny holds state and national bowling records.

    On Feb. 28, during his weekly Saturday youth league Ron set the New York youth bowling record and became the fourth youngest bowler in the country to score an 800 series.

    And he did it all by accident.

    The seventh-grader was aiming for a 700 series with his Columbia 300 Power Swing he had gotten about a month before.

    “I didn’t know until about 5 minutes after,” the boy known to his family as Ronnie said. “I didn’t know.”

    Ronnie’s friends and teammates, Matt and TJ, broke the news to him.

    “It was really exciting,” he said. “I thought I’d maybe gotten a 700 but I never thought about an 800.”

    Ronnie began bowling at age 5 with his parents, Kristen and Ron Zadrozny, both of whom were present at this record-setting performance.

    “Dad was really excited,” he said. “He was through the roof. Mom was really excited, too. She was jumping up and down.”

    While Ronnie was oblivious to his score, his parents were not.

    “We were a nervous wreck,” Kristen said. “My husband was hiding and I was in the control booth trying to keep busy.”

    The possibility of an 800 series never even entered the Zadroznys’ mind that day, she said.

    “We had no idea. We thought he might hit 700 but after that second game we knew what he’d need to hit the 800,” Kristen said. “When he left the nine pin standing on the last shot we knew he had hit 800 on the nose.”

    As most parents are, the Zadroznys are thrilled with their son’s accomplishment.

    “Bowling is a passion of his and we’re really glad to see him excelling in it,” Kristen said. “I still don’t think it has set in with him yet.”

    While he Ronnie says he has used other bowling balls before now says he will “probably” stick with the Columbia 300 balls in the future. Ronnie’s previous high series was 639 and his high game was 279. He averages about 178, he said.

    But, despite the momentous event, Ronnie’s goal is still to bowl a 700 series.

    “I’ve never had one,” he said.

    Ronnie’s place in the record book is merely awaiting verification and paper work, according to Mark Miller with the United States Bowling Congress.

    “Once all of that is submitted and approved, he will be the youngest bowler with an 800 series in New York and the fourth in the nation,” Miller said.
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    I'm twice his age and he is almost twice as good as me lol
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