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Thread: My Mar. 25 league night (on time this time)

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    Smile My Mar. 25 league night (on time this time)

    A fairly consistent night, with 3 games > 200 for a 622 set, although three missed makeable spares weren't fun. The fun for me tonight was staying with the other team's anchor, who is a nephew of my team's captain and her husband. Although I almost struck out in the 10th frame of the first game, that game wasn't that close, but the other two were, with my team taking the second game and, thanks to my striking out, Eric (the nephew's name) needing a strike on his last ball in the 10th to win the third game and leaving a ringing 10 for the tie.
    Career Highs

    Average: 197 (2008 summer league)
    Book: 183
    Game: 268
    Series: 694

    Summer League

    Average (21 games): 182
    High Game: 245
    High Series: 618

    In the bag (15 lbs.)

    Storm Hy-Road, OOB, 3 3/8" X 2 1/2" (weight hole on axis; pin next to ring finger)
    Circle High-Voltage, OOB, 3" X 4" (pin next to ring finger)
    Red, black, gold Brunswick Target Zone (spares)

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    Great work. It is great to see a true bowler admit when a spare could have been made instead of blaming it on the ball or whatever.

    Great work and keep us posted.

    Go Broncos!


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