Hello Great members of BowlingBoards.com

Well we are looking for your help. I am looking for things you like about other forums and sites. Why? because I am looking to redesign this site possibly.

What I am looking for is:

What Color of sites do you like? Blue Dark Colors? White / Clean?

Some sites like this one has a navigation bar on the left, do you like this to get around? Would you rather it on the right or not on a side at all?

Some people like seeing a few new posts separate from the rest of the forums, such as in the side bars. What do you think?

What about graphics? Do they add or take away from the site? This site has small icons next to each category. Do you like this or dislike it?

And any other thoughts you may have.

BowlingBoards.com is a site unlike many others. Your opinions count. We want to know what you want in a site so we can make a site that you like. Also we are looking to add our Chat Rooms and Blogs, so we want to make room for everything.

So please put us down or build us up. Let us know what you like or dislike and what changes you would like to see.

Or maybe you like everything the way it is.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Chris - Owner of BowlingBoards.com