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    So I have this advertising project due and I am stumped. Here is the whole assignment:

    1) What to include
    a. Visual (Simple, strong, effective)
    b. Headline (just a few words)
    c. Body Text (explanation, details, insight)
    d. Logo (your name, logo, monogram)
    e. Slogan (summary of what you stand for)

    Seems easy enough, but for some reason I am stumped. I guess I can't find a picture or anything that I want to use. What would you pick?
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    So your assignment is basically to "market" or advertise yourself?
    If that's the case then whatever picture you pick should, in YOUR opinion, represent yourself.
    I would just take a good picture of yourself...if you're artistic, maybe play around with the picture in photoshop and put an artsy edge to it. If you've got a favorite hobby, perhaps a picture of you in action.
    Since the project is about yourself, ultimately you've got to decide what you use....nobody knows you better than you know yourself!
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