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    Exclamation The Staff

    Hello members,

    I want you to get to know us a bit better.

    This list will include any and all Admins, Senior Moderators, and Moderators.

    If you need help posting, replying, quoting, account settings, or any other issue, please pm us,


    Post in this ASK The Staff? Forum.
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    My name is Christopher, but you can call me Chris.

    I am the Founder and Owner of was built because of my experiences at other bowling forums and sites. As I looked for help, all I got was people hiding behind user names and flaming me as they did so many other people.

    So after watching people get harassed, humiliated, and just downright abused, I figured there had to be a better way.
    Thus was born.

    Through networking and researching this site is ever changing. Not to keep up with any trends, but because we are paving our own web road. See so many other sites try and copy what everyone else is doing, WE make our own rules. We treat each member with respect and dignity. These qualities should be in place at every website, no matter the genre.

    I am Honored to be surrounded by so many great bowlers here. To me, your skill level does not determine you’re bowling knowledge; it is about having fun with other bowlers who share the same interest. If you are willing to get a ball down the lanes, whether by hand, foot, or rolling device, you are a GREAT Bowler Here!!!

    As a proud father and husband, I cherish family. Bowling is another platform to engage with family and friends, so why not the same here? We have seniors and youth members, teachers and mechanics. We have sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers. WE ARE A FAMILY FRIENDLY SITE!

    If you have any suggestions, feedback, or need help, please PM me or use the Contact Us page for additional contact info.

    For general site help, please contact any of the great volunteer staff listed in this thread.

    Their love for bowling shines through with every post they make.

    Thanks for being a member and our friend,

    Chris –
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    My name is Kevin, but you can call me "sir." Just kidding! Here at
    the family that is I tend to see myself as the
    drunken uncle. Just not the mean one who spoils Thanksgiving
    for everyone.

    I've been bowling most of my life, except for a 17 year hiatus
    for no really good reason. The game changed in that time and,
    being older and wiser, I realized I didn't know it all and set out
    on a quest to learn more. The quest continues.

    I got an invitation to check out this site and I was pretty
    amazed at what I found: a bowling forum that respected all
    of its members, and people that wanted to mostly talk about
    bowling in a friendly manner, without all the flaming and the

    Another thing that attracted me was the lack of
    people that only wanted to argue politics or religion. I never
    read any of those type posts. I consider them time wasted
    as no-one is ever swayed from one side to another, despite
    the most eloquent words, and soon it devolves into name
    calling and insults.

    It took 46 years, but I finally found the love of my life,
    my wife Diane, and I've settled into a less frenentic and
    more rewarding lifestyle. The only downside is that we
    both love to cook (and eat) and as I get older I seem to
    be getting rounder, too. More like a bowling ball, I

    I like to learn and to pass along any knowledge I
    acquire, especially in my favorite fields, bowling and
    English. ( Diane says I'm a frustrated English teacher.)

    Well, if anyone has any further questions please feel free
    to contact me, or make a post, and we'll be glad to help out.

    Later! Kev

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    Hmm A little about me.. Well for starters my name is Robert. Some people call me Rob. Doesnt really matter to me. I have been bowling for 6-7 years now. I did a little proshop work for about a year or so a few years back. By looking at the user name you could guess that I am a Storm products kinda guy, so any Storm or Roto-Grip questions you may have Im sure I'll have an answer for you.. If not I'm sure I can make up a convincing JK!!!! I have always enjoyed helping others grow with skills and knowledge of the game. If you may have any questions I'm always available to assist.
    Brunswick Bowling Staff

    Ultimate Bowling Products Staff

    USBC Registered Volunteer and Level l Coach


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    Hi I'm AL
    I've been bowling about 17+years now and lurking around the bowling boards over half of that.
    I'm also a mod over at bowlingtracker and maintain the Ball Reviews spreadsheet.
    I do my best to research any info i give out in trying to help someone out with a question.

    Right handed Stroker, high track ,about 13 degree axis tilt. PAP is located 5 9/16” over 1 3/4” up.Speed ave. about 14 mph at the pins. Medium rev’s.High Game 300, High series 798

    "Talent without training is nothing." Luke Skywalker


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