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    Hey all, Looking for a general view on everyone practice regime. Does anyone have preference on lanes?..odd, even, a pair? What do you work on when you practice. I always like to find out what everyone is working on in their game and sometimes I can use that practice in my own game. Thanks all, I think this will be a good thread for bowlers looking to improve their games. I know personally when I go to practice I always bowl on an even lane (I'm a righty) giving me a better oppertunity to work on the right hand side pin conversion with a ball return in the way. Also I always bowl practice in shadow(no pins) that way I cant get distracted by scores and pin counts.

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    You have probably heard it before but, "Practice with a purpose." There is nothing wrong with having pins while practicing because they do give you feedback about where the ball is and what it is doing as it reaches the pin deck. I personally do a lot of evaluating on equipment and layouts so when practicing it is almost always with 3 different balls. One is my benchmark. Input the name on the scorer and away I go. I record almost everything you can imagine that I see for each piece of equipment. Start position, laydown point, target, breakpoint, impact, pinfall, ball exit point, line breakdown, wrist positions, ....
    Bowl with all 3 simultaneously to keep your mind remembering what adjustments and targets are needed for all 3. Then when it gets to competition, keeping track of one is a breeze.

    7 and 10 practice is one of my favs because even with pins the score is low and just like your shadow practice there is no score distraction. For this just input one bowler as 7 and one as 10 and bowl that pin first. Guarantees 2 balls /frame.

    Hope that keeps you busy this summer.

    Bowling is fun - winning just adds to the enjoyment.
    Bowling is fun - Winning just adds to the enjoyment

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