By Matt Cannizzaro
USBC Communications

In the coming months, we'll talk with some of best-known bowlers at the Open Championships and get their thoughts on their time at the tournament and what it takes to succeed on the championship lanes.

This week, we heard from Steve Brinkman, who will be in Las Vegas to compete in this year's event on April 12 and 13.

Brinkman, who will be making his 20th tournament appearance, is a member of the 1994 Regular Team and 2000 Team All-Events champions. He rolled an 805 series while helping his team to the title in Mobile, Ala., in 1994.

In 19 tournament appearances, Brinkman has maintained a 213.3 career average on the championship lanes. With another solid performance in 2009, he could find himself near the top of the event's lifetime average list, which requires a minimum of 20 years of Open Championships participation.

Defending Team All-Events champion Mike Nape of Yorkville, Ill., tops the lifetime average list with 216.28, and Carl Fietek of Eden Prairie, Minn., rounds out the top 10 with 211.01.

HOMETOWN: Sussex, Wis.


OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS TITLES: Regular Team in 1994 and Team All-Events in 2000


FAVORITE BRAND OF BOWLING BALLS: Columbia, of course. I've been a staff member for several years. Bowl the World Over!

ONE all-time favorite host city: Corpus Christi

TWO best Open Championships memories: Winning eagles in 1994 and 2000

THREE keys to success at the Open Championships: 1. preparation; 2. teamwork; 3. making good shots

FOURgettable Open Championships moment: My first time ever in Niagara Falls. I was told to play first arrow or fourth arrow, and I elected first arrow. First shot - gutter. Played fourth arrow after that.

FIVE bowlers in history on your Open Championships fantasy all-star team: Norm Duke, Earl Anthony, Pete Weber, Lennie Boresch, Jeff Richgels

SIX bowling balls currently in your Open Championships arsenal: All Columbia - Power Swing, Resurgence, Perfect Rival, Momentum, Noize, and Loud Noize

SEVEN cities you'd like to see the Open Championships go to/return to: Corpus Christi, Albuquerque, Orlando, St. Louis, Arlington, San Diego, Indianapolis

EIGHT favorite bowling balls ever: Brunswick Teal Rhino Pro, Blue Hammer, Ebonite Black Turbo, Ebonite Turbo X, Columbia Pulse, Columbia Momentum, Hammer Black Widow, Columbia Resurgence

NINE other current/eligible bowlers you would choose to join you on your ideal pair of companion teams at the Open Championships: My current group of guys - Dave Beres, Chad Maas, Jeff Nimke, Scott Helm, Lennie Boresch, Dale Traber, Gary Daroszewski, Gus Yannaras, Ryan Lever

TEN seconds or less, who is your favorite bowler of all-time?: Earl Anthony

ELEVEN strikes in a row to start a game at the Open Championships, what's going through your head?: Pre-shot routine, and a smile because no matter what happens on this last ball, it is still a great score to shoot at the USBC Open Championship

TWELVE years from now, where do you hope to be in your bowling career?: Still bowling competitively and being a dedicated coach and cheerleader for my kids in their bowling careers