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    Exclamation Update...

    Ok so I am using the posts to put together am official Eulogy from all of us here.

    Also, we raised 254.66 for her daughters. I will be sending it next week.

    Thanks to everyone who helps a friend, and stranger.

    I am proud of each and everyone of you who helped. It really showed how a community pulls together.


    Go Broncos!

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    I just found out today. Somehow I had missed the news. I hope my donation is not too late to be added to the others.

    Gosh...where to start...

    I met Thong Princess the same way many of you have. Her screen name brought to mind all sorts of crazy images. Curious enough, I (like many of you) sent her a message asking how it came to be. The response I received from Colleen had me laughing for days. You could tell right away that it was a story that had been told many times. You could also tell that it was a story she enjoyed telling. It was a great ice-breaker. You knew right away that she was eager to open up and let another friend into her life.

    Fast forward a few was summer of 2008. Colleen talked me into attending the Gathering in North Carolina. I had spoken with Ron Clifton a few times via email and also once by telephone while working out some pitch changes. Otherwise, I had not met anyone that would be attending. I am not the most outgoing personality at these kind of events, so it's not the easiest thing to talk me into attending. Colleen assured me it was a great group of people, and I would have a good time. Of course, she was right.

    Shannon (my wife) and I made the drive from Ohio to N.C. We arrived a bit early (Ron may remember that I am the Clock Nazi). The next person to arrive was Colleen. She came right over, introduced herself, and conversation just flowed from there. My wife was worried she would not have anyone to talk to while attending the Gathering. Colleen erased those worries immediately. She treated us as if we had been friends for years. In short, we had a great time and are glad we made the trip to meet everyone. Without Colleen and her efforts, I am left wondering how future Gatherings will live up to our first.

    In closing, I will just say that Colleen has left her mark on me. She has left her mark on BallReviews, BowlingBoards, and other online forums. She has left her mark on the bowling community. She left her mark on her students. The lives she has touched are many and widespread. That is her legacy.

    To Colleen's family: You are blessed to have been a part of her life. Enjoy every day you have in this world. Make many friends and enjoy your time with them. That is what Colleen did. That is what we should all do.

    Rest In Peace, Colleen.

    Jon (in Ohio)
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    if i had $$$ id donate
    I am a proud member of Bowling Forums
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    all happened the same day!!!!!


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