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    Default *~Storm FURIOUS videos from*

    Hi all,

    I'm proud to present to you my new Storm furious videos.


    The first video features a FURIOUS at 4.5 x 4.5
    The second video features a FURIOUS at 6 x 4.5
    The third video features the 4.5 x 4.5 FURIOUS @ 2000 abralon + Reacta-Shine Polish



    Layout 4.5 Pin to PAP x 4.5 CG to PAP - NO weight hole
    Layout 6 Pin to PAP x 4.5 CG to PAP - NO weight hole

    The Furious was created as an upgrade to the Street Rod Solid. R2S solid has been on other popular balls such as the T-Road Solid, Special Agent, Rapid Fire Solid and the Attitude Shift. This strong reactive cover has now made it down to a price point that all bowlers can agree with. This is a lot of hook for your $$$.

    Some comments on the videos:

    The Furious hooks. Alot. This is the strongest ball I have ever thrown at this price point plain and simple.

    The 4.5 x 4.5 furious forced me pretty deep on my THSÖat 2000 Abralon OOB this ball gives me another look on heavy oil in the storm lineup. Between the Virtual Gravity, Dimension, and now the Furious storm fans now have 3 great options on heavier and longer patterns. With a very strong arcing motion off the back of the pattern, this ball really reminds me of the special agent. When polished, the ball retained these characteristics, but pushed me to the right more.

    The 6 x 4.5 Furious was a pleasant surprise. I donít normally go with a Pin to PAP distance this long on a symmetrical ball. This ball got through the heads really well and absolutely ripped off the back of the pattern.

    Just like the special agent and other balls with the R2S cover, this is a very versatile ball. It takes to surface changes nicely. The turbine core is very layout and bowler friendly and can work for all types of bowlers. The furious, along with its pearlized brother, the fast, make a heck of a 1-2 punch.


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    Default Furious review

    I drilled my furious 2x4 to get something different in my bag. This ball was very smooth with great continuation through the pins. The street rods were very flippy for me so this layout gives me a look i normally get with more aggressive balls, but a little tamer on the backend. Compared it mostly to my troad solid that is drilled 5 x 5, now i couldnt move in as deep because of the layout on the furious, but was able to get the ball rolling very easily and was impressed with how well it carried the corners. This ball has also worked well on Viper and i expect to be able to use often on shorter pba patters. Overall expect more hook than you would think from a ball in this price point, with endless drilling and surface options this is gonna be a very versatile piece!
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    Default Very controlable ball

    I just had my Furious drilled this morning.The ball is very controlable with the layout used. Not very snappy at all which is what I was looking for with this ball.I did notice that if you missed inside there really was not too much hold..but when getting it outside on a THS it crushed pocket..No need to worry about it coming back...For the price of these balls I dont feel there is any others out there that will outhook them.I was very surprised at the reaction of this ball. I am getting about a 5" flair with this ball.I have posted a video of the ball being thrown with a picture of the layout.Just look under my user ID and click the YouTube link.I have also attached a picture of the layout.
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    Default Storm Furious Review By Storm Staffer Justin Buford

    To be fair, I first used these balls at Colonial Lanes in Orlando, FL where I subbed in a Thursday night league. Colonial is a wood surface center where I have been having some trouble finding good reactions after the lanes break down. Also, the fresh house shot there can be rather tricky as they tend to play like they have not been oiled in days with a ton of friction just past the 15 ft mark.
    FURIOUS: First let me say, I am big fan of the Grape fragrance. I wish I could just stock pile Furious and Rapid Fire balls in my office area at home so I could have that scent around there. Jokingly saying, the Furious has three features of two of my favorite bowling balls. A similar color scheme to that of the Special Agent, the same fragrance as the Rapid Fire, and the R2S Solid Reactive cover. This ball has to be good right?!?!? Darn Right it is!

    LAYOUT: I used a 4 ľ inch pin to PAP x 3 3/4 inch CG to PAP with no hole. I left the surface as is at 2000 abralon. Very close to the layout on my Special Agent.

    REVIEW: Like I described the fresh shot of Colonial Lanes above, thereís a lot of friction up front. So I wanted to test the teeth on the FURIOUS. What I saw was very surprising. The ball cleared the front of the lane very clean. Much cleaner than my Rapid Fire or Special Agent when comparing the same cover stocks. The motion in the middle and back end was very even for me. Where my Special Agent has been wanting to give up on me and hit flat, the Furious charged hard for me through the pin deck. I really had to hit up on the ball to get over reaction out of it, which meant I had to go way outside of how I normally release the ball. So I donít have to worry about that LOL..
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    Default Storm Furious

    With the Special Agent being one of my favorite balls behind the original agent, I was so excited to throw a street rod with a special agent cover. Please welcome, The Furious!!! I layed mine out exactly like my favorite special agent with a 4 3/4 by 4 with the pin above my bridge and a hole on my axis. My axis is 4 3/4, 1 up. This ball is extremely clean and very continuous in the mid lane. The lane condition I bowled on was a house shot and on Viper. Great compliment to the fast which is a lil longer and angular then the furious. The perfect 1-2 combo especially if you arent looking to spend an arm and a leg on new equipment which these balls will retail around the $140+ range. Storm has done it again with 2 more winners Bowl Up a Storm!
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    Default Weber, Furious, and I

    Because of personal reasons, I have been out of the bowling community for about 20 years. During that time I lost track of the plethora of bowling equipment development since.

    Last January I came to the crossroads of getting back into the sport. Finding an almost different environment, I found myself being a beginner (again). The local pro shop owner at the house I chose to bowl suggested I "try" a ball first before buying. He asked about what my level of bowling experience was prior to getting out of the sport. He led me to Storm's Furious. After throwing a few frames I told him it wasn't like the old plastic and urethane days of the past. He made a layout suggestion, and drilled the Furious for me.

    Five months later, and bowling in 4 different leagues, I finished in two of the leagues with a 202 average. 20 years ago it was a big deal for me to achieve a 600 series. Now that Pete Weber used the Furious while gaining his 35th PBA title, and I, for the first time gained a 697 series, I highly recommend this bowling ball specifically from experiencing the ball's action.


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