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Thread: Bowling Rewards Making the Sport of Bowling More Fun and More Profitable

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    Post Bowling Rewards Making the Sport of Bowling More Fun and More Profitable

    Bowling Rewards – Making the Sport of Bowling More Fun and More Profitable


    How to Reward and Attract League Bowlers without Discounting

    Owners of Entertainment and Bowling Centers today have several main objectives to increase the bottom line.

    1. How can I attract or convert casual bowlers to more dependable league bowlers?

    2. How can I reward my league bowlers without lowering prices?

    3. How can I increase frequency and spending without spending a fortune on advertising?

    Bowling Rewards LLC is a custom solution designed to solve specific marketing objectives at the local center level while retaining all of the benefits of a national program. Bowling Rewards is much more robust than even the most expensive POS systems, yet as simple to use as swiping a credit card. Feel free to contact us so we can design a custom solution for your center at less than the cost of one coupon run in Val

    Let’s jump right into today’s topic on how

    to reward league bowlers without lowering prices. While we discuss this topic, we will include many ideas on how to lift revenue at the same time from every customer who walks in

    the door.

    1. Centers today offer

    many different prices on open play. Let’s use an average of $3.50 per game as an illustration understanding that rates fluctuate based on day, night, or weekend participation. No matter

    the price, league bowlers often get a considerable discount such as $2.00 per game rather than $3.50 as a benefit for joining a league. Here is the first of many ideas on how to put full price in the register when league bowlers visit without discounting.

    A. Charge league bowlers the same $3.50 rate, but issue rewards instead. In other words, using the figures above, charge league bowlers $3.50 per game but give them a SPECIAL reward of $1.50 per game bowled. This has the appearance of a discount, feels like the same value to the customer, but
    increases the bottom line to center owners by 70% or more! If you feel customers are used to paying a lower price up front, sweeten the offer to $2.00 in rewards for every game bowled at $3.50 instead of offering the discounted price. Remember, rewards to customers are the same as real
    money, but rewards to customers from a proprietors perspective is .20

    .30 on the dollar depending on what is allowed to be redeemed.

    Let’s break down the math to illustrate. With 5 games of open play purchased, the league bowler would pay $10.00 at the discounted price of $2.00 per game. Since the league bowler receives a ‘discounted’ price no rewards are issued for spending. When the league bowler pays $3.50 per
    game, they now receive a $2.00 per game in reward or $10.00 in total rewards for their next visit.

    Instead of taking in $10.00 from the customer, the center now puts $17.50 in the register while guaranteeing a return visit. $10.00 in rewards for open play might only ‘cost’ the center $2.00 or $3.00 in actual cost (sometimes even lower with open play since there is really no ‘hard’ costs involved) The center takes in $7.50 in extra profit with only a $2.00

    $3.00 cost while insuring a return visit at the same time.

    Remember, rewards dollars to customers are the same as REAL money value, but rewards dollars to proprietors are .20

    .30 on the dollar and sometimes even less. Start thinking in terms of rewards on EVERYTHING inside of the center rather than lowering prices and watch your profit margin, visitation frequency and customer satisfaction soar!

    B. Open up league

    redemption rules to include snack bar or lounge. In other words, rewards earned by everyone else apply ONLY to open play. But, with league bowlers, you often invite rewards redemptions to be accepted at other locations during special times, certain days or during certain

    periods when league is in progress such as the FIRST GAME ONLY. This strategy is good for several reasons, such as

    1. Shows league bowlers more freedom on spending rewards, thus increased value.

    2. Increases spending in other revenue areas of the center.

    3. Encourages more open play since league bowlers receive more freedom with spending.

    4. Encourages league bowlers to save rewards waiting for special times or occasions.

    5. Can drive traffic to the center during slower periods with special redemption days.

    C. Open up ability to

    earn rewards, similar to the above. Normally, customers earn rewards by paying for open play. Allow league bowlers to earn rewards at certain times at the snack bar or inside the lounge or other revenue centers. Again, all of these ideas and freedom to spend or earn are

    directed at league bowlers sending a clear message to everyone the financial benefits of joining a league but without any discounting whatsoever.

    D. During league play offer special rewards to league bowlers for picking up splits, striking in certain frames or just about any other creative ideas you can imagine. This is not only fun, it will lock the customer into leagues at your center since they experience ways to win every week!

    E. Offer rewards for league bowlers when they visit their favorite restaurant of other businesses surrounding the center. For example, announce to league bowlers that anyone eating at Denny’s or Pizza Hut this week will receive $10% cash back rewards from the center. Again, this shows additional value to becoming a league bowler and no permission is needed from Denny’s, Pizza Hut or any other restaurant or business.

    We might even offer the league bowler rewards at their

    favorite restaurant or dining establishment. League bowlers simply bring their receipts to league and have rewards loaded on the card before the league starts. Talk about value, your rewards program will be the talk of the town. Later on, we

    will show you additional ways to take this strategy to added business synergy revenue.

    Go Broncos!

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    League Bowlers Continued

    2. Start your Bowling Center PBA Tour Membership Club.
    You might charge $20.00 for the entire PBA

    season televised on ESPN for everyone else but only $10.00 for league members!

    Each customer selects their PBA player of choice or they can select multiple players at $20.00 per year per player. Here

    is what they WIN when they join.

    A. $5.00 if their selected player reaches the televised finals.

    B. $10.00 if their players WINS the tournament

    C. Everything is doubled for majors or selected events based on bowl centers discretion.

    D. Everything is doubled if they watch the telecast at the center. In addition, customers receive DOUBLE cash back rewards on purchases during the week when their selected player WINS the tournament.

    3. Create two prices or two levels of rewards inside of the center. In other words, if you would like to reward EVERYONE not just league bowlers ( a good idea)

    you don’t have to limit the rewards to league bowlers, just give them a higher cash back reward option!

    As an added incentive, when a league bowler wins a sidepot or achieves an honor score DURING LEAGUE, then offer DOUBLE REWARDS during that entire week for that bowler! It’s like a USBC card on steroids!

    4. Offer league bowlers

    ongoing incentives based on how they bowl during league. For example, during

    the next 3 months, league bowlers might earn $5.00 in bowl center cash for EVERY game they bowl over their average. You might even consider charging for this privilege such as $20.00 per quarter or $10.00 per month for ongoing additional revenue. Since each customer bowls an average of 3 games per week or 12 games per month, each customer will have more than enough opportunity to earn more than their $10.00 per month membership. You might consider doing the same for open play!

    Remember, rewards can always be limited to redemption on open play if desired and this is often the

    default option anyway. By handing out open play rewards dollars, it not only makes league and open play more fun, it increases frequency and spending. There are many advantages to these strategies we will explain as we design your custom program.

    5. Load $5.00 on every card for open play bowlers, but double the amount for League Bowlers as a special thank you. Hand out your rewards card to

    every league and open play bowler, in the parking lot and everywhere you go! This is a $5.00 invitation to visit your bowling center and sends a clear message that everyone is treated well, but league bowlers have many innovative and exciting ways to earn additional cash year round!

    Of course this is not

    real cash; it’s bowling center cash that increases frequency and spending. Your database will grow like a weed during August and the ability to acquire new customers will increase without any additional advertising expense.

    6. Create a

    custom bowl center logo head pin for league bowlers. When this custom bowl center logo head pin comes up and the bowler throws a strike, they win $5.00! You might even consider offering this opportunity to local restaurants, car washes and others. These ‘partners’ will redeem the rewards at their expense in return for promotion of their business inside your center. League bowlers love these games as new and exciting ways to earn prizes and cash inside the community.

    7. Create a local sports team bonus similar to what Taco Bell spends millions of dollars in doing. For example, if the Los Angeles Angels score 10 runs, the customer wins $10.00! Each winning customer must visit the bowling center

    before the next game to collect their rewards. Run all kinds of sports promotions with local teams and tap into the fan base mentality to increase loyalty and spending.

    With idea #2 above, we used the PBA tour; you might consider doing the same for PGA, NASCAR or any sport you choose. We will design the marketing materials at cost; you get them printed to advertise

    your promotions. Consider charging $10.00 per year to join your SPORTS CENTER REWARDS CLUB which includes offers like the above year round!

    8. Pass out rewards cards to junior leagues and create a fundraising program for schools, churches, little leagues, trophy shops and much more. Let league bowlers

    can choose the nonprofit of their choice and

    each time they come in to

    open play, they not only earn rewards for themselves, a certain percentage (such as 5%) automatically funds their favorite school, church or nonprofit.

    Our program is the only one it’s kind that automates this entire process giving each center owner a powerful way to help the community and increase revenue at the same time! Each time the card is used the customer will receive a custom cash back reward

    in addition to helping the nonprofit of their choice! Everything is programmed in advance, no training is necessary for desk personnel, just swipe the card and go. We have a special unlimited nonprofit package that will turn the bowling center into a

    community fundraising powerhouse. Remember, this type of fundraising is not an expense; rewards turn these strategies into a significant profit margin with increased spending, frequency and new customer acquisition.

    9. Instead of lowering prices at different times for all bowlers, run special DOUBLE, TRIPLE, even whopping 50% cash back rewards during slow periods or holidays. With rewards, there is really no need to discount prices ever again, just increase the rewards, put full price in the register and guarantee a return visit at the same time!

    Go Broncos!

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    Offer an incentive for loading money on your card. Customers will access 401k, retirement and

    savings dollars that were never earmarked for the bowling center. By offering a 15% or 20% bonus when

    customers deposit money on your card in advance, you guarantee a 15%

    20% return on their money. There might be a higher prepaid bonus for league bowlers as compared to casual bowlers creating another advantage for joining a league. Gift card money can be used for anything, but rewards dollars can be limited to open play or any other desired redemption category each center allows. Instead of losing money in the stock market or their favorite bank, customers might as well pull out $500 $1000 and give it the bowling center with a guaranteed return far exceeding the interest at their bank!

    Contact me with any questions and the ROI analysis of the above strategies. We can tweak these strategies for

    bowling centers, restaurants or any retail business to increase revenue, decrease costs, and virtually eliminate

    92% of the advertising and marketing budget for less than the cost of one coupon run in Val


    Steve Schroeder

    VP Marketing Bowling Rewards LLC



    View our custom card gallery for ideas
    Go Broncos!

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    Makes a few good points here
    ~Brian Hirsch~
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