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    to some this ball looks like it could be equal to the tropical storm, maybe, stronger, more probable. This ball has a side cut chainsaw core with a pancake flip top. Hybrid coverstock. Medium to strong cover, relatively weak core combine to produce a ball that hits like a truck, and not the tonka variety either. I'm talking about full blown mac truck.
    Use this ball when the track area starts to break down. While everyone else is moving left, you stay in the track and rack up strikes.
    Use this ball on the following lane patterns:
    Broken down house
    reverse block

    my recomendation, get this ball. You will love it.
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    Smooth is right just picked it up ive only bowled one set with it BUT so far so good. 226, 196 (missed 7 pin) and 300. This ball carries everything. Dead flush you got 10 back. Light in the pocket pins are flying everywhere. Half pocket still has enough power to drive out the 10 pin. Definately purchase this ball you wont be dissapointed. Threw a 2nd set today shot 212, 265, and 233 (ball change after the 6th frame n the 3rd game.) for a 714.
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