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Thread: Official Storm Reign Bowling Ball Giveaway "Enter Here" Thread

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    Exclamation Official Storm Reign Bowling Ball Giveaway "Enter Here" Thread

    Hello Bowlers,

    How would you like to win a FREE Storm Reign Bowling Ball?

    Now is your chance.

    So here it is:

    The Official
    Storm Reign Bowling Ball Giveaway
    Rules and "Enter Here" Thread

    Official Rules:

    This contest will run from September 4th 2009 to October 15th 2009 at 8pm Mountain Time

    The prize is a Brand New Storm Reign Bowling Ball in your desired weight

    This contest will be blowing away the other bowling contests we have had so far.

    Why? Read all of the rules to find out why. ( It is worth it)

    This will be a Random Drawing for this ball.

    Rules to Enter: Step 1

    To enter this contest you must tell the world about

    Meaning: Make a video on youtube, make a flyer for your local bowling center to hang on a bulletin board, pass out business cards, make a shirt and wear it during league, make a banner, add a banner to a bowling website,
    whatever you do must tell the world, or at least a group of people that exists.

    We want to see that you really want this ball, and you are passionate about bowling.

    When you have shown us a picture, link, or video, or proof of this, you can then post your entry here in this thread only.

    YOU CAN you the logo on the top left of the forums for this contest. If you need a different logo with a white background or a smaller one let me know as I have others.

    You will make a post in this thread ONLY to count for the drawing

    No other posts anywhere else will count.

    ONLY 1 (one) Entry Per User name. Unless you have extra entries ( See Below)

    PLEASE have already passed out flyers, cards, made a video, added a banner on a bowling site whatever BEFORE YOU POST! I made this contest a little over a month long so you have lots of time. Do whatever your going to do and then let us know with a link, picture whatever to show what you did.

    If you have problems uploading a picture or videos or whatever, pm me and I will help or confirm your entry.

    You must be a member as well, which means please have made 10 posts to go from a "What is Bowling" Status to "Bowler" Status with a new banner showing 1 pin as your group, before adding your entry post. We are doing a lot here and we want to give away this gear to bowlers who care about, it's members, and the bowling community.

    Great you are all entered and ready to win... but wait there's more, I need a commercial guy here.

    Rules to Enter: Step 2

    What if you have a friend or you know a stranger that would love a new Bowling Ball?

    As you are creating unique ways to tell people about, tell them to mention your user name when they sign up.


    For each member that registers for this site and follows the rules of this giveaway such as does the 10 posts to become a member, and does something to promote and mentions your name when they register, you will get 1 extra entry for each new member. So each time a new member says you mentioned them, I (The Kingpin) will make a thread to let you know how many extra entries you have. That way you can post them and spread them out as you wish.

    This is located HERE

    But wait there's even more...

    If a new member is the one randomly chosen, and you referred them, YOU BOTH WIN A NEW REIGN BOWLING BALL!!!

    That is right please read again, if a new member is the one randomly chosen and you were the one they said told them about, you both win!!!

    Wow I told you this would be huge.

    BUT WAIT!!!


    If you become a Site Supporter any time during this contest with a donation of $20.00 you get 5 extra bonus entries for each 20.00 donation for this giveaway. And if your name is randomly chosen, you will win a 3 Ball Bowling Bag plus your New Storm Reign Bowling Ball!!!

    Details are here on becoming a site supporter and helping>>> Site Supporter Info

    *Please note if you have extra entries, and you know who you are, you can apply them to this contest. Please mention " Extra Entry" in your post


    #1 You add a banner to a bowling website for your name is chosen, you win a NEW STORM REIGN BOWLING BALL

    #2 You make a flyer, banner, video, whatever, and a person joins, mentions your name at registration, makes his or hers 10 posts and enters just like you did. Now his or hers name is drawn, you both just won a NEW STORM REIGN BOWLING BALL

    Ok so here is the best scenario: You go and tell all of your social networking friends about A few register. Do all of the easy steps, and You are a site supporter. One of their names are drawn, They win a NEW STORM REIGN BOWLING BALL, You win a NEW STORM REIGN BOWLING BALL, and Because you are a site support a new 3 Ball Bowling Bag!!!

    Whew am I done yet??

    NO I AM NOT!!!

    On a side "Bracket like" prize, the person who creates the best way to promote will win a $50.00 Online Bowling Gift certificate to

    This will be a Member only Voting process. It will Be held after the official giveaway has ended and winner notified. We will take the top 5 members entries and let the members vote on what member did the best job based on design, people who registered and so on. The winner out of the top 5 will win the gift certificate as a personal thanks from me.

    Ok that is the official end. Thanks for reading it all. I told you it would be worth it.

    Other Info and Disclaimer:

    We will be using an outside company to randomly pick a member's entry number. is a free, volunteer site; therefore the Owner (The Kingpin) is the only Member ineligible for any and all contests.

    This contest is for US addresses only. Outside US can be arranged with shipping costs in part or whole covered by the winner.

    When a winner is chosen, they will be notified within 24 hours of the deadline via pm by The KingPin

    At that time, you will be asked for shipping information. You will never be asked anything personal. YOU WILL NEVER, EVER BE ASKED FOR ANY FUNDING OPTIONS! This is a free contest and so if anyone asks for private details such as credit card numbers, paypal info or anything like that, please notifies us right away.

    All final decisions will be justified and made by the owner(s)

    The Bowling Ball(s) will be coming directly from the manufacturer in your desired weight.

    In the event that a member does not accept the prize within 7 days, we will choose a new winner.

    Rules and details are subject to change at any time without any notice.
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    Ill start it off... Add me for Facebook group..

    Facebook Group

    Also had business cards made.. Image attached

    Entry counts for Facebook group
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    Default Add me

    Yeah Add me aswell and let me know how I can Get some Cards and flyers to give out, I will have fun doing that!!!

    *** I will pm you
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    I have had a banner on for more than half a year on

    so that must qualify me right?

    Yes indeed, and thank you
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    I think my Myspace page counts as an entry. I put a the site banner pic in my "General" section. I would have advertised in the bowling group, but Robert covered that haha. Add me if this counts.

    Approved Great work
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    link on Facebook Facebook page

    Approved great work
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    been posting on a regular basis on myspace plus have a url to this site on my quote on the pba forums my name is SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS

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    I have added Bowling as a featured site on my web site. Check it out here:

    Looks great and Approved
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    Thumbs up My Way Of Advertising!

    Well, looks like everyone is doing something online! Not me! I created a flyer and took it to my home alley and put them up. As well as put a bunch in the racks where all the league info is kept! I also passed them out last night, as well as put some up on some of the consoles in the pits!

    Here are 2 where it's in one of the racks at the alley, and then one of the flyer itself!!

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    I put together these 2 t-shirt transfers and want opinions and an ok before doing them

    Looks great and very much approved
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