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    Default Official Ball Review Template

    Official Bowling Ball Review Template

    In order to help people as much as we can, and with the help of site member Bowl1820, a template has been put in place to help our bowling ball reviews meet a certain standard and the review findings to be understood a bit better by all who read them.

    This is a great tool, and even if you do not know much about the ball you are talking about, please check out the ball specs at the respective manufacturers bowling ball homepage for any help you may need.

    If you need any help, let any of the moderators know as they are glad to help!

    This is a suggested template for doing Official Bowling Ball Reviews.

    This is to give more useful information than just "IT HITS LIKE A TRUCK!!!! SWEET, JUNK or whatever other slang terms might be used for a ball review.

    By leaving a review you must think about the readers. You are letting others know how well your ball has done or has not done for you. Place yourself in the readers shoes and write as if you were looking to buy a ball and wanted to know information from real users.

    You may not know all of this information, but the more information that you can add the better the review will be. And the more useful it will be for other members.

    You may want to copy and paste the following template in your review and edit what information you know.

    *If you do not know how to copy and paste, instruction are included at the very bottom of this thread to aid you.


    Official Bowling Ball Review Template

    1) Company and Ball Name

    2) Ball Specifications

    a) Gross Weight
    b) Top Weight
    c) Pin Placement
    d) Coverstock Type
    i) Particle,Reactive,Urethane,Polyester, Solid or Pearl.

    3) Drill Layout/Pattern

    a) Pin to PAP distance
    b) CG to PAP distance
    c) Extra Hole Placement (if used)
    d) Mass Bias Placement
    e) Layout system Used (Degree, Dual Angle, etc.)
    f) Company Drill Sheet Layout Number (if used)
    g) Ball Photo and/or Video link (if available)
    This really helps if layout information is not known.

    4) Surface Preparation

    a) Surface Type: Sanded, Matte, Polished
    b) Grit and/or Polishes used

    5) Bowler Specifications

    a) Right or Left handed
    b) Cranker, Stroker, Tweener
    c) Ball Speed (estimated)
    d) Rev rate (estimated)
    e) Positive Axis Point (PAP)
    i) If not known use high track, low track, full roller, 3/4 roller or spinner.

    6) Lanes

    a) Type of lanes (synthetic, wooden, guardian surface etc.)
    b) Oil pattern Length
    c) Oil pattern Information (Typical House Shot “THS”, Sport, PBA etc.)

    7) Ball Reaction Characteristics

    a) Length
    b) Mid-lane read
    c) Break point
    d) Backend (arcing, angular, controlled)

    8) Miscellaneous Information

    a) League type or open play, Lane play used, comparison to other balls used etc.

    9) Summary

    a) Your comments, likes, dislikes etc.

    (End of Bowling Ball Review Template.)

    * If you are unsure how to copy, take your mouse and go to the first letter of Official Bowling Ball Review Template then click the left button on your mouse and hold down and drag until you have highlighted the entire review template. Let off of your left mouse button. Now scroll your mouse of any area of the highlighted words and hit your right mouse button. Look for Copy. Select copy and now go to the bowling ball manufacturer that you are wanting to do a review for. Make a new thread and when loaded, click your right mouse button again and select Paste. Then you are ready to edit and review your desired bowling ball.
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