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Thread: Congrats To Walter Ray!

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    My opinion about competitive bowling,

    I ran a center for about 8 years, I started to get competitive bowling going and I was starting to get somewhere and could have a top notched scatch league going in a few years, but the owners seen that they could make more money at the center with birthdays parties and cub scout groups with less complaining about lane conditions and machine malfunctions, I am in favor of heads up bowling myself so don't get me wrong, but it seems to be a numbers game and the older owners don't bowl any more so they are not into the game like us. That along with jealous newer and low average bowlers, the one night drunks killed my gain. I could have had some of the best young bowlers in the area, but I got over ruled. It seems birthday parties, and weekend open play is the trend so none of them are competitive so you are not going to have the number of bowlers participating in tournaments, but they think I am to serious about the game. My point of view anyway.
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