Hey folks,

What I was looking for
Essentially I needed a ball that would allow me to play drier lane conditions. I personally prefer a ball that revs up in the midlane for the sake of consistancy over a skid/flip type reaction.

About me
Tweener with medium speed and medium revs.

What I got
I spoke with my pro-shop and they suggested this ball over other options out on the market. The ball has a decent coverstock and good solid weight block, allowing for some punch at the back end. I found the ball to be a bit too agreesive for what I was initially looking for, so I added a bit of polish to get it to tame down a bit. This ball works perfectly for what I was looking for. It's great through the heads and hits solidly on the backend and while not spectacular by any means, it carries pretty well. If you're looking for a dry condition ball with rolling characteristics over skid/flip and still has some punch at the backend, this ball should do the trick.

Good luck!