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Thread: How to zone out before a game

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    Positive visualization of well-executed shots. I close my eyes and recreate the visual, motions, and feel of a "pure" shot and put that on "repeat".

    "Where the mind goes, the body follows"

    That's the goal.
    JJ "Better than Jello" Anderson - Kill the Back Row

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    I get to the lanes at least 20 minutes before practice. Get a club soda with lime and just repeat my routine in my head while looking down at the pit.
    I have also learned, by practicing during open bowling on lanes with children beside me, to ignore the noise. The only sound that will break into my zone is my wife's voice when we bowl League on Saturday nights. This week she and the other girl on our team started calling to the waitress and I lost where I was. Missed my mark by 10 boards and took out the seven pin hard.
    Ted Domey
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