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    Just purchased one Gemini Bowling Jersey (same bowling jerseys that the PBA uses.....) for league play and casual wear, and they are one great company with excellent customer service! My shirt was a basic model with corporate logos of my lifelong favorite companies (VISE and Brunswick), and an American Flag on the right sleeve. One other added bonus was that they also added my full name to the back in a nice script for no additional cost. Although it came up to $34 for the shirt and artwork, it cost an additional $15 for S&H, but in three weeks it arrived. For the general public, you can choose from hundreds of designs and build your shirt up to your specs as well as being able to place your personal artwork as a design too. I truly recommend that company for bowlers who are serious about the sport because bowling in my bowling jersey is very comfortable and it does not grab in places like regular cotton t-shirts or polos. Anyone else have a good experience with their product? I'm thinking of purchasing more from them only because it's good advertising for the bowling brands we love and a nice investment for a shirt that is comfortable on the lanes.

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    thats great i might check that out and see what i can get cause i wear a shirt that i got from my local proshop to advertise there business to ltos of people and it a awesome shirt feels nice but only thing they have to be dryed cleane aand once they do they feel abit off after that soo i got 10 all different colours and styles but i never put my name on the back of them cause it costs abit of money to do that


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