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Thread: What is the best bowling tip you ever got?

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    Default What is the best bowling tip you ever got?

    So as we grow as bowlers we are always trying to be the best we can be. What is the best tip you have gotten as a bowler?

    I would say that slowing down on my approach really helped me. What about you? Have you gave any great bowling tips? Please share them.
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    after having the fron 11 5 or so times the best advice was for the 12th shot just get your ball and go....dont think just throw the ball
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    A number of best tips....

    "Take a giant step to the left / right!"
    (when I was REALLY struggling, and didn't have a clue)

    "Take your 1st step slow as you can."

    "Keep your elbow inside your RING finger, through your swing."
    (to stop chicken-winging or topping the ball)

    I'll ad more as I think of them....
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    The best tip I ever received was to make sure I stand in the same spot on the approach...prior to that, I didn't look to see where I was starting, and I was all over the approach....hard to make adjustments that way.

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    I'm not sure if it's been the best, but it's one I do use a lot. For the 8 pin, or the 2-8 combo, move my feet 4 boards right and hit my strike target. Works every time I actually hit the damn target!

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    "Pssst..I have a 22 in the car to take care of that pesky 10 pin"

    The best tip:
    "Relax, that a deep breath, look at your mark and empty your mind (which is easy not much up there to begin with) and have a smooth release"
    Well the tip is sound, it's the execution that's the problem.
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    Default Tips

    Not sure if it's the best, but it has helped me. 1) Do all your thinking behind the approach. Meaning, once you step up, your done, put your plan into motion. 2) Set yourself the same way every time on the approach. All the way from picking up your ball to release. Make a small list you run through when your up. Consistancy is key.
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    Simply - Don't think just set yourself and go.

    This sport is completely muscle memory - repeat everytime and never analyze a bad shot - just pick up your spare and move on. Can't do nothing about it after it left your hand.

    The best one that makes me laugh from my coach
    "Hey - to beat 90% of the people in this league - just get it off your hand."

    3 things to make success ATF (I get this drilled on every ball) to help me remember.

    Accuracy - Timing - Follow through. Keep it simple!

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