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    Hey all,
    Do any of you have a used Savage that is just collecting dust? I have a Savage that I absolutely LOVE but it is getting pretty beat up. For some reason, I could try every other ball in my stack (8 new ones since I got my Savage) and I will out-score all of them with the Savage. If you have one you are willing to sell please PM me or just reply to this thread...

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    Good luck finding one. Over the years I had 2 of them. Somehow I ended up breaking both of them. I tried to find another, but finally gave up. The Savage was by far the best ball I have ever used. I made a lot of money with that ball. I hope you can find one.
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    I have one, but am not selling it. The reason being, this ball is a beast. It is strong, and it hits hard. It is my highest scoring ball as well. If i hit my target, and that target is getting it too the pocket, it will shoot 200+. This ball doesnt know how to hit the pocket weak. Top 3 best ball ebonite ever made..

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    Ebonite is known for their balls cracking, im surprised this one hasnt broken yet, when it does, i will cry, and give it a funeral and headstone... seriously

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