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Thread: Is it worth it to be a sandbagger? Pros and Cons

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    Default Is it worth it to be a sandbagger? Pros and Cons

    So I have heard many people talk about not liking sandbaggers, but are they hurting themselves? OK so a high handicap is great, yet what if they want to be pro bowlers and they keep their averages too low?

    Just wondering what are the pros and cons of sandbagging?
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    Well for me sandbaggers are cheaters, but my leagues just use your book average for the first week and all my league secretaries check all bowlers for previous averages.

    1. Able to have higher handicap for League.
    2. Able to have higher handicap for Tournaments.
    3. Able to be "Most Improved Bowler" for said League.

    1. Loathing from other bowlers.
    2. Fear of other bowlers from previous leagues/tourny's remember bowler and informs league/tourny board.
    3. Disbarment from league if secretary checks USBC for prior record of scores.
    4. Fear of a country butt whopping
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