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    Post Shift

    By Storm Bowling Products...


    Ball Line: Premier Line™
    The Shift™ is more than just the first release in our new Premier Line, it is our finest engineering achievement. The innovative Shape-Lock™ asymmetrical core system is encased within the newly formulated R2S™ Pearl Particle coverstock. When combined, the Shift™ flies through the heads, produces excellent mid-lane transition and finally makes a massive shift to the pocket.

    SHIFT™ Technical Specifications
    • Coverstock R2S™ Pearl Particle
    • Weight Block SHAPE-LOCK™
    • Ball Color Scarlet/Tigers Eye/Violet
    • Ball Finish 1500-grit Polish
    • Durometer 74-76 Rex D-scale
    • Flare Potential 6" Plus (High)
    • Fragrance Orange Ginger
    • Weights 10 - 16 lbs. bowling forum is proud to talk about Storm Bowling Products. Please leave a review if you have used this ball.

    Please leave a review, but make note of the REVIEW posting rules before posting
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    I love my Shift! I am a BIG fan of particle pearl balls and the only full particle pearl that Storm had out recently was the Shift. I went with a stacked #8 Storm drilling which i get on 90% of my balls. The main thing i noticed with this ball is that it NEEDS polish to hold its reaction. I let the ball dull up some, not with scuffing but from just not polishing and the ball just died on the back. It would rev up early then just roll out on the backs without the turn on the back. The dullness of the cover was causing the ball to burn all the energy on the heads and have nothing left on the back (rolling out without turning). I used some Storm Moon Shine (particle polish) and now the balls like new again.
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